Mobile & Tablet Repair


Our Mobile/Tablet technician here at MCR can repair your damaged device. We specialize in                        all major cell phones. Your iPhone/Samsung/Motorolla/HTC/LG... devices                            can all be restored to their former glory. 

                       Broken Screens, defective charging port, stuck buttons or worn out batteries                          can all be fixed under one roof. 

Physical damages to a phone can occur due to many different reasons and may result in:

  • Dented frame/Housing

  • Cracked Screen

  • Microphone

  • Keyboard and Buttons

  • Charging port

  • Battery

  • Touch screen

  • Shattered casing

  • Software

Water Damage


The only thing worse than dropping your device on a hard surface is dropping it in a liquid. Here at MCR our water repair techniques may bring your device back to life.