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Ken Campbell 

a graduate of TESST Electronics and Computer Institute, Courses at VT and many certificates and continues to go through training to stay on top of todays technology.  Ken started pursing his interest in the computer field by running onsite service calls to local businesses in Northern Virginia. With over 20 years of computer experience, Ken brings real-world solutions to his customers.  Ken was fortunate to be able to share his passion for owning a small business with his friends and family. Together they started Manassas Computer Repair

Ken has 6 children, 2 Daughters, Jessica and Christina, Twin Boys Chase and Cruise, and Drew. My Niece, Madison is amoung the kids I have raised. Ken is very active in the community and enjoys sports photography. He is an avid Capitals Fan and loves his home team, the Washington Commanders! Ken's hobbies include Traveling, Playing video games (mostly FPS, Counter Strike, CSGO) and of course going to the Local High school Football games with the crew. 






What can I say The Brains of the operation.

Cameron Isaacson
 Head Tech/Shop Manager.
I am so blessed to call Cameron one of my most valuable employees. It is nice to know that when I am not in the shop he will treat you as if you were family.

is a 2011 graduate of Osbourn High School in the City of Manassas. He has been a part of the MCR Team since he began interning at the age of 16. Cameron is currently enrolled at NOVA and pursuing a degree in the IT Field. Cameron is a huge Capitals fan and enjoys off road riding in his jeep(Sold His Jeep). Cameron's hobbies include Hiking, Playing video games (mostly FPS), Going to Redskins Games with the Boss.


Mark Cummins (N o longer Here)

Is a 2013 graduate of Patriot High School. He has been a part of the Mcr Team since he began interning at the age of 18. Mark is currently enrolled at NOVA and pursuing a degree in the Music and Performance Arts . Mark is a huge fan of Musicals  and enjoys the gym and running. Mark's hobbies include Dancing, Hiking, Playing video games (mostly FPS,CSGO), 
Devin Goss(He is Back On Saturdays!!!!!!)
He has moved into a new postion using the schooling and education he has obtained. 
Devin Goss will be missed here at Mcr, we will take all we learn from him and move foward. I hope he takes all we learned toghter and use that to make a brighter future for him and his family. Devin dont forget We here at Mcr will always be your Second Family.

holds a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics with a double minor in Aviation Management and Aviation Safety.  He holds Platinum Cyberscholar certifications and is an OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainer.  Devin has been part of our Team since early 2013. His interest in Technology began at an early age, growing up in Germany he dissembled and reassembled rotary dial phones, however to no avail.  Now his technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills come in handy. Devin's hobbies include sightseeing, kayaking, playing video games (mostly FPS or anything with stunning graphics). His soul mate Melissa gave birth to their beautiful baby girl Evelyn Rain on August 30th 2013.




Mason Breeding

 Mason is a current Freshman at George Mason majoring in Cyber Security. On campus, Mason is active and involve. He is a graduate of Patriot High School. In his spare time, he can be found Watching the Chiefs Football and Hiking With his GF. Mason is a great additon too the MCR family. His skills at Cell phone repair and Custom Building Computers are the best in the industry. Stop NS and say Hello!

8126 Sudley Rd 

Manassas VA 20109


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm  Saturday: 10am-5pm Sunday: Closed

email: Ken Campbell 

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