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Services & Repairs Overview

Here at MCRS we can upgrade your pc. Want to play the latest games, a video card upgrade might be your solution. Is your Hard Drive getting full, we can install a bigger and faster one. Is your PC running a little hot, adding case fans or using Water Cooling for your CPU will keep your components cool while ensuring overall thermal stability. 
Here at MCR we can repair your Cell Phone and Tablet screen or defective loud speaker. Have an Android phone/tablet, no problem, Your phone can be repaired here by us. Does your device no longer hold a charge, a battery replacement might be your solution. Did your charging port become defective, here at MCR no repair is too difficult. 
No matter what brand or make, your laptop can be repaired by our expert technicians. 
If you own a MacBook, your laptop is in safe hands with us. 
We know how important and indispensable your Data can be. Mistakenly or due to malfunctioning device storage deleted Pictures or Documents are never pleasant. Here at MCR we can recover your data from nearly any storage medium. 
Do you have unwanted software on your PC which you did not install, are ads popping up? Is your PC utilizing a lot of resources to do simple tasks, you may have virus(s) running in the background slowing your entire PC down.  Our expert technicians can remove those to improve system performance. 
Does your Desktop PC no longer turn on? Are you getting Blue Screen's (BSOD), or did your DVD Drive stop working? Here at MCR we can make your Desktop run as intended.   
Do you want to be able to play your favorite Blu-Ray DVD on your Dektop? Has your workload gotten more but your Desktop cannot keep up? Is your PC's operating system old and you would like us to upgrade you to the latest OS , no problem. Here at MCR we can take your Desktop to a new level. 
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